Half Potential

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So I have this recurring dream, where I'm living in a house where I'm only occupying half of it, however I am not aware of this at all. Then, as I simply decide to walk further through the house, it's double the size than I thought it to be, with a full second kitchen overlooking a beautiful view of a lake. In walking around I further discover that there's a large beautiful deck that spans the perimeter of the house with stunning views of the lake. Whenever I have this dream, and only after realizing that I've been remiss to see the entirety of my beautiful home, a sense of joy and contentment overwhelms me. I'm not an expert on interpreting dreams, but I can easily understand the message that I'm so diligently repeating to tell myself; that I'm not living up to my full potential. I obviously know this down to my core, and I fully believe that I'll continue to have this dream until I know with every fiber of my being that I'm genuinely on the journey of reaching my fullest potential.  Hmm... sounds promising, very promising.


MaryRC said...

What a vivid dream. Nothing wrong with striving to do your best but don't beat yourself up either. Hope your well!

aladdinsane12 said...

i had a similar dream once about finding new rooms in my apartment. i never thought about it as a dream about potential. what a great interpretation!

Lena said...

I wish I could make sense of mine. I dream a lot of prior houses I've lived in. Sometimes the decor is different to what I remembered it as but I know where I am.

Often it accompanies fear as I'm terrified that I no longer live in my present house - the happiest home I've been in. Strange.


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