A new deal in town

Okay, so every once in awhile I come across something really great, and I have to tell everyone about it!  This is one of them! There's a new deal site where you can get 50% off dining at great restaurants in Seattle and all of the deals are free to get and share with your friends!

You can also download the free app to your iphone, click:

Enjoy, and bon appetite friends! :)


Great Seattle Discounts...

Check out my latest great find! 

Who: Heyhungry!

What: A brand new mobile application for the iphone that gives free discounts to the coolest Seattle restaurants in the Seattle area.

When: Now

Where:  Download it free from your iphone or at the Apple Store:

Why: If you love to eat out and enjoy trying new restaurants.  Why pay for discounts when you can get them for free?

Bon appetite!


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