Ten Ways to Mildly Freak People Out

I enjoy a good laugh once in while, so I've posted Ten Ways to Mildly Freak People Out or perhaps more appropriately titled, Ten Random Ways to Entertain Yourself. I would love to hear some more if you have them.

1. Take off your shoes and socks, then just carry them walking down the street, shoes in one hand and socks in the other. Smile and sing repeatedly, "happy feet!"

2. Casually confront people walking by, ask them if them if they've seen your pen.

3. Walk up to random strangers and hug them, don’t say a word and then walk away.

4. While in conversation, randomly start another one on an entirely different subject. Then interject with, "Okaaaay, what did I tell you about interruptions?!" ...and then resume your initial conversation.

5. While talking with someone, suddenly grab your ears. When they ask what you are doing, just calmly say, "They were trying to take them," and then simply resume back to what you were saying.

6. When going to a restaurant, take along your favorite kitchen ware i.e. blender, coffee maker, and while holding it close, ask for a child's seat and a place setting for it at the table.

7. When sitting in a waiting room, sit next to a stranger and fidget uncomfortably and then repeatedly say, "I need to go to the bathroom," and don't get up. Just continue over and over.

8. While at a public show, instead of clapping, just start snapping both fingers simultaneously.

9. For an entire day, don’t speak to anyone, but instead only communicate with your own made up sign language.

10. Instead of walking everywhere, run...down the hall at work, the grocery store, you get the drift, just run.

Random: The REAL scoop

So a I did a post a few days ago with some old pictures of my mom's friend from the early 1950's. I thought I sort of knew the story behind them but after reading it, my mom wrote me back with more accurate details. So here's there real scoop on these photos, in my mom's words with a tidbit of history too. Thanks mom!

"The cowgirl is my friend Janet at about age 13. That's my shadow as I was taking the pictures. It was taken in Big Bend, North Dakota where we lived when our fathers worked on the Garrison Dam project. The dam was being built by the United States Corps of Engineers. That is when we attended Riverdale school, a military base school. Our fathers were civilian workers on the dam. I believe that Riverdale has long since become a community and is no longer associated with the military."


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