Ode To My Spandex Running Pants

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All I can say is that I'm very grateful for my spandex running pants. If there was not that important element in the fabric in running clothes, I don't think I'd set foot outside my front door for my daily run. Spandex is my saving grace, it's that miraculous and magical fabric that can make everything appear where it should be ...especially after eating pizza and wine last night! When that cold weather finally arrives, both excitement  and a certain sense of comfort and relief settle in. I no longer have to watch every single calorie that I consume, or run that extra mile to make myself feel more comfortable wearing my shorts, or worse yet... my bikini! What woman over the age of thirty-five, or more like twenty, isn't somewhat reluctant to accidently catch her backside in the mirror with the fear of what she might see when wearing those summer shorts?  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy eating healthy and taking good care of my health and body. But I'd be remiss to say that I don't feel some sense of freedom when this new season arrives so I can pack away my summer clothes (with a liberating giggle), and just throw on a nice big comfy sweater.  I actually think we should just start up a new women's holiday, celebrating the coming of our new comfortable season. We could celebrate it and establish a new tradition on that first day of autumn ...a nice elegant celebratory lunch with our closest girl friends and of course a day of fall clothes shopping. After all, with three summer months of putting it all out there, we deserve it!


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