Simple Pleasures

In this picture I'm reaching down picking one of those "mini-daisies." Whenever I see a field of those little flowers it always brings back memories of summertime when I was a little girl. Probably no older than five or so, on warm summer afternoons I'd sit in the grass in the front yard making those the little daisy bracelets, necklaces and little daisy crowns. It would seriously entertain me for hours. It's those simple little pleasures that I think give me the biggest satisfaction. Here's another one, the other day I went for a run and decided to stop down by the beach by the waterfront. There's a little nature preserve with ducks and such. What caught my attention were some turtles all hanging out in the sun all lined up together on a log. They were just hanging out, about five of them, sunning themselves. Another thing I look forward to witnessing, without fail, every morning across the street I see a little old man walking his little old dog. You can tell they have been together for several years. They are both slow, don't walk very well, and you can see the familiarity between the two. It makes me laugh every single time.


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