Greta and the Great Amazon

Okay, so I've been telling myself for about 3 years that I'm going to write a funny little book parodying my four years of working for a local company based here in Seattle. I'm sharing this because we all have our own quirky little stories of where we work, and all the experiences of dysfunctional behavior that goes with it. During my employment at the company (thank God I'm no longer there) I started creating funny little characters *lightly* based on some of my quirky colleagues, ...myself included. Seeing the humor around it instead of getting agitated was my therapeutic way of making it through all the craziness. I've come up with some basic characters and a basic plot based around the real and everyday ridiculousness that I experienced. The title is, "Greta and The Great Amazon" - based on a story about fourteen red-headed step children that are forced to live and work in a large old factory on a hill overlooking the city and their secret plot to escape. Here are some of the main characters:

Greta - One of the stepchildren who realizes that she has intellectual super powers when wearing her hair in a ponytail. One day after realizing the super-powers she devises a way for the group of stepchildren to come together and use their unique talents to escape from the large factory on the hill.

Betsi Bevausu - A thin, wiry haired, platinum blond screechy girl who possess evil powers with her high screeching voice. The high pitches of the screeching stuns the group of step-children into submission where they are forced to work long and arduous hours in the factory.

DQ - One of the fourteen stepchildren, who is a large bear like boy who is terrified of everyone and everything. He cries at the drop of a hat.

Tortuga - Another of the stepchildren. He's a short and slow but methodical child, who isn't very wise or socially adapted. However he is very smart and is a wiz with spreadsheets.

Mad Anderson - Another stepchild who's character is the complete contradiction of his name. Mad is a happy go-lucky child who is intellectually brilliant and his super powers lay dormant in his humor. He discovers his super power while telling a joke one day to the rest of the step children when Betsi Bevausu catches him telling jokes instead of working. He realizes that she becomes lost in the laughter and cannot regain her composure, and hence the beginning of where he and Greta start to devise their plan of escape.

Enrico Fuentes - Another stepchild who secretly collaborates with the factory and the evil Betsi Bevausu. He's a small, quiet and mousy boy. He never really says anything to anyone. He surprisingly disappears and re-appears without anyone ever noticing.

Randy Helperson - A sweet and kind character who works for the large factory but has a good and gentle nature. He helps the stepchildren and assists them in the plot against evil through putting the enemy to sleep with his calming words and tone.

The Magic Bookshelf - A bookshelf that Greta finds to be a great tool in protecting against the evil Betsi Bevausu. When Greta hides behind the bookshelf - she is protected from the screechy evil screams of the slave driver Betsi.

More to come - as the story develops...


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Mortimer S Mortimer said...

Wow. Go for it. Question...Does Greta loose her powers if her hair isn't in a pony? Kinda like Samson?


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