How easily can we identify the ego?
At what age does it begin to develop?
How closely attached is the ego to our possessions?
Do possessions of equal quality provide the same satisfaction without designer branding?
Do we feel superior with our designer brands?
Does it make us feel inadequate to be generic?
Are we still the same character and person without our social status or circles?
Do our careers, income and belongings define who we are?
How closely attached is our ego to our actions?
If we don't respond to insult or antagonism, is our self worth affected?
If we don't boast, does it make it less important?
Without our ego, can we still succeed?
Does fulfilling the ego effect the happiness of others?
Does fulfilling our ego effect the happiness of ourselves?


naqiubex said...

Happiness can be found in many ways...
happiness in fulfilling egoism?
That is what we must avoid..
Because happiness can also come when you make people happy...

Mortimer S Mortimer said...

Branding is how we "nudge" others to conform and give us money for un - needed items. It's a way to play the ego for profit. Freedom can only be found when one abandons the ego.

Therefore...the ego is dead long live the banana!


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