Play Every Day

I took these photos when I was visiting a small town in France, called Beynac. It's located in the Dordogne region and overlooks the beautiful Dordogne River. I was there exploring the small village that also sits beneath a castle high up top a steep cliff which was built in the 12th century. Apparently the castle is one of the best preserved in it's region, and the views from the castle looking down upon the river are absolutely breathtaking. The fountain in the picture sits along a narrow cobbled road in the old village across from a cafe where I was sitting and enjoying my morning coffee and croissant. I was enjoying the warm summer morning as I looked across the path and noticed this little girl completely intrigued with the water fountain. She stopped and played for at least a good ten minutes, discovering everything she could about it. Then when she was finished, she skipped along merrily and followed her family up the path. My take away from this wasn't anything deeply profound, or insightful, but just a sweet and simple reminder to take a moment and make sure to play every day.

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