Choice and Consequence

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I heard something very cool today, and it was a reminder that every choice we make results in a consequence whether we want to acknowledge that fact or not.  This is in relation to everything from how we treat the environment to the food we put in our bodies, to the words that come out of our mouths and the actions that we choose to take. I also firmly believe that trying to create a consequence of punishment especially between adults is highly disturbing and can often be downright crazy behavior. Consequence is a natural force that just happens as result of a choice and is above our own human control. For instance in acting lazy, selfish, cruel, angry, hateful, dishonest, ignorant,...all of those types of behaviors will always bring forth a consequence whether we agree with it or not.  It doesn't have to be in the form of something visibly profound or rage from an other's response to be a consequence. It can actually be much more powerful in the effect of your own health, or another person's feelings toward your choices which can result in a more permanent effect; such as dislike, resentment or even completely removing individuals out of their life from those toxic behaviors. Not even excuses can evade the ever impending power of consequence.  I think that in reminding ourselves of the concept of consequence related to personal choice finds us a much more realistic, honest and wonderfully gratifying state of being. So on that note, ...choose wisely my friends!


James Garcia Jr said...

Gretchen, your comment was thought-provoking and deep. I had to read it twice! It was probably because I read it so late and I was operating on fumes! That, however, is not why I'm here. I was recently given an award, and I'd very much like to share it with you. I have enjoyed getting to know you through the things that you have posted, shared, etc. Whenever I notice that you have posted I quickly make my way over to see. I give you the award because I want to take a moment to honor your efforts.
Please stop by whenever you have a chance and pick it up.

Kristy said...

Yes, absolutely, the choices we make, no matter how small, completely CREATE our lives, experiences, and the surroundings around us.


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