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I wonder, I just wonder if we rid ourselves from individual hatred, could we really rid the world of its evils? Could our individual devotion to love and kindness reduce crime, cruelty and wars? One by one, soul by soul, recognize and rid ourselves of hatred and replace it with love, kindness and compassion. We must first have the universal understanding that there is no rationalization for hate, and it hides behind excuses, weakness and fear. We have a world full of so many peaceful and loving people but there is still an enormous amount of hatred. Can a changed person radiate enough love and peace to affect just one other person to change, then continue to proliferate through our neighborhoods, our communities and our world? Could our individual approach to transform only ourselves have enough power to revolutionize our world toward peace? It wouldn't hurt us to try, we have nothing to lose, and we most certainly would benefit profoundly from the gain.


Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't that what life is all about? Loving one another I mean? Yes, I think we should all try...

Nate said...

Great point. Thanks Gretchen!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It makes sense to me...but there are those we don't understand who don't want a world of peace. I don't get would change everything.


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