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So I spent my 4th of July in lovely Newport Beach, California. Gorgeous weather, lots of fun and beautiful beaches. It was a relaxing and interesting trip, and I really enjoyed the entire experience. I went there with my close guy friend, and his single buddies; so I had the unique experience of observing all the singles hanging out in Southern California, with lots of beer drinking, playing, and of course lots of girl/boy watching. Overall it was a learning experience to watch the dynamic on the Southern California beaches, especially at this time of year.

So in watching all of this over the weekend, I'm grateful and very fortunate in how I've made choices around the various men and relationships in my life. There are lots of wonderful men out there, however, there are also a lot of men who are seriously convinced they are their own superhero. Crazy enough, some of these same guys will truly convince many women to believe in their own superhero status. In turn many of those same women will overlook virtually every bad behavior under the moon, then get angry and still stick around because he's cute. They play the cycle over and over again, then get depressed and want the boy to change into a man. The definition of crazy is; "Do the same thing over and over again and then expect a different result." So why do some women underestimate their own power? Why is it they limit themselves and accept crazy boy behavior in relationships? And why do some women sell themselves short? The fact is that the pool is huge, so we're certainly not limited. We have a plethora of good, solid, honest, handsome and mature men out there - yet some women still feel they are limited to relationships with men who are superficial and will always act like boys. People will treat us as we allow them and expect them to treat us. No-one else is ever to blame but ourselves if we allow someone to treat us badly. My mantra is; Don't ever settle and certainly don't waste precious time and energy on relationships with superhero wannabees. Attract a real man, with real values who can be a real hero. Draw the proverbial line in the sand, because if you don't, all you'll end up with a boy.

Beyonce relays that message very well  in her "If I Were A Boy" video:

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