Destination: The place to which one is going or directed. The ultimate purpose for which something is created or intended.

This photo is of me doing one of my most favorite things; snowboarding. I love the freeing feeling of riding down the mountain in the crisp, fresh air, as fast as I can with the gorgeous snowy mountains surrounding me. Personally, there's just no other experience quite like it. It also seems extremely appealing in the moment, since Seattle is going through a heat wave. A lot of Seattle homes don't have air-conditioning, including my own, so thoughts of snow and cool air are prevalent in my many unique attempts to stay cool today.

So several years ago, when I was just learning to snowboard, I distinctly remember a friend of mine explain the basic element to the sport; Look at your destination, point your shoulders, body and head in your desired direction, and your board will follow and take you there. Anyone who's ever gone through the process of learning to snowboard understands that the very concept of even moving on the board with your feet attached seems like absolute insanity. Usually the first few experiences feel extremely awkward, because you have no ability to move your feet to correct your balance. Just simply standing up on the board for the first time seem disastrous, and actually moving down a hill can feel like train wreck just waiting to happen. You must use your body for balance, otherwise you'll fall flat on your back. Needless to say, the learning experience is comical and an awkward adjustment, but the accomplishment is extremely gratifying. Fortunately I stuck with it long enough to enjoy it immensely, and I never forgot that very simple advice that my friend gave to me several years ago. In fact I’ve broadened its meaning, and now often remind myself to use it as a symbolic metaphor for reaching goals, desires and passions: Whatever your destination is, simply point yourself in that direction, ...and go!

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." ~Buddha

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