The Art of Allowing

I took this picture of The Louvre museum pyramid in Paris two years ago. I've always loved the contrast in the architecture between the 12 century Louvre Palace, (Palais du Louvre which was established as a museum in 1793) and the modern pyramid which which was obviously added later in the 20th century. It certainly pushes the element of the unexpected when you observe the two structures side by side, that are so different yet connected. When the pyramid was added in 1988, it provided a spacious underground lobby below, and the attendance to the Louvre has literally doubled since it's completion. What intrigues me the most about this is the architectural genius behind the thought of adding something so vastly different from that of the original palace, which turned out to be a phenomenal architectural design as well as overwhelmingly embraced by the visiting public worldwide.

The genius behind this is metaphoric, which is that of allowing change. Allowing change, ...sometimes very drastic change into ones life can create beautiful and new direction. We don't always view it that way, because we so often believe that there is only safety in the familiar and fear of the unknown. Familiar is good, but the important factor is balance....a balance of the familiar and the unknown. As I've mentioned before, our current American economy has left thousands in the state loss and confusion. I can very well relate to the experience, however my excitement is rekindled in knowing there are so many other options and different paths to take. Having been in the business world for all too long, it's often a daunting thought to make changes from the safe and financially secure world that it all provides. However, what about one's unique destiny and happiness? I find inspiration from those who have successfully proven that the rare path can lead to success and happiness. They remind me that we don't have to take the same train ride over and over again - unless we only want to end up at the same destination. There are other roads to travel, other sights to see and brighter futures for us to live beyond our own safe circles. The important part of that journey is to allow ourselves to be open and free to take the chance to do something different. Allow ourselves the opportunity to fail and be judged, and to let go of our ego enough to allow other opportunity into our lives. All of these actions are the art of allowing, and it's only after we allow change that we grant ourselves the opportunity to create our own destiny.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.


Mortimer S Mortimer said...

WOW oh WOW. Absolutely GREAT!! You really got the idea across. Now we only have to live it!

Lisa Wallace said...

Love it. The art of allowing takes faith, which is the greatest challenge to our human nature.


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